Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Slice Necklace

Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Slice Necklace


This is a stunning Necklace that I made in My shop here in Baltimore. Bright Pink Translucent slice of Rhodochrosite gem quality with pink and Cream rings. It is hung on a sterling silver 2mm rolo chain, and is 17 inches long

pendant size: 22mm x 20mm x 3mm
handmade - Lisajoy Sachs
stone origin Argentina

The bulls eye patterns are formed either from a stalagmite or a stalactite - and then sliced so you can see the rings.

It is very rare to find slices of this material complete. The polish is very good on both sides, AAA quality specimen. The back of the stone is polished.

The pink parts are very gemmy and translucent held up to the light.

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