Color Change Zirconia Ring Size 9 Blue Sapphire to Emerald Green with Tourmaline side stones

Color Change Zirconia Ring Size 9 Blue Sapphire to Emerald Green with Tourmaline side stones


This is a Hand Cut Handmade lapidary Lab grown Zirconia cut by Swedish Artist David Olsen. Set in a lovely 18kt gold plated (over Sterling Silver) mounting with 8 multi color tourmaline side stones (4 on each side) This is one of the most interesting colored stones - the rarity of the colors of this lab grown zircon is truly amazing.

The transition is truly intense and beautiful it changes from Blue Sapphire in Fluorescent Light to deep emerald green in incandescent light.

VIDEO of the color change is here:

Ring size - 9
stone Size: 8mm round brilliant
inclusions - NONE
handmade by Lisajoy Sachs
Stone cut by David Olsen

Zircon or Zirconia (most commonly referred to as CZ or Cubic Zirconia) has been a popular imitation gem that is used in the gem industry for several decades to simulate a natural diamond. This stone has a similar look and sparkle to that of a natural diamond but just cost a fraction to that that of a natural diamond. It boasts eye catching sparkle. David Olsen is well known in the gem industry for creating the color change Zircon that he makes in his own lab in Sweden, his lab created stones boast the most wonderful colors that resemble natural stones, but change under different light. A sight that will definitely turn heads!!

A lot of people ask me why would someone would make synthetic grown stones? Lab Created Stones are created in a laboratory setting and have similar chemical composition and physical properties of their natural counterparts. It is more controlled and more precise, the quality sometimes is far superior to the natural material, and does not have as many inclusions, but often will depending on the stone.

Lab grown synthetic stones can be the finest stones money can buy. They look better than natural and all stones are fine gem quality.

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