Mini square Bright Pink Tassel Stud Earrings

Mini square Bright Pink Tassel Stud Earrings


These little tiny square earrings are handmade by me in my little studio in Baltimore.

They are made out of sterling silver and are only 20mm tall total including the tassel.

These will come shipped in a gift box.

Gift wrapping is available at an extra charge.

Most silver jewelry will darken over time and may develop a patina. Periodic cleaning with a jewelry polishing cloth will keep silver jewelry white. Never use harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry such as toothpaste or jewelry cleaning solution. A soft bristled toothbrush and warm water can help remove light residue from your jewelry.
Always avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, showering and sleeping.
The Toolbox by Sachs Design collection has been designed to fade over time. With regular wear your oxidized jewelry will become brighter and over time will developed elegant silver or copper highlights.

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