Shark Tooth Fossil Necklace Unisex Jewelry

Shark Tooth Fossil Necklace Unisex Jewelry


This beautiful natural Sharks tooth is really unique and a great find I get these from a diver that specializes in finding fossils in South Carolina. This is a US North Carolina specimen - and is an amazing focal pendant in this necklace.

It is a pretty beautifully polished AAA grade fossil, and may have great natural coloring like charcoal, black, taupe, greys, rust, dark brown, and light ochre,

It is a PERFECT tooth, and has NO chips, cracks or pits in it at all. This is a Fossilized sharks tooth from 65 million years ago.

There is a double gold filled twisted wire bail at the top, it is strung on really pretty Jasper beads and has a really great adjustable lobster clasp - that can be adjustet from 17" to 22" long.

It has been know that when wearing a shark's tooth while fishing it is good luck, and sharks won't bother the fisherman. Perfect for a man, and lovely enough for a lady.

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