Ruby Hand Necklace Fine Silver Recycled

Ruby Hand Necklace Fine Silver Recycled


This Necklace is beautifully constructed using many steps - that are built up one by one and fired in a kiln several times to get the desired effect.

Title: "When Your Love is in My Hands You Can Own the World "
Type: Necklace / Pendant
Method: Sculpted and Carved
Length size: To Be determined - it comes with a simple sterling chain
Weight: 32.4 Grams
Measurements: 55.2mm x 26mm x 6mm thick
Materials: PMC3,PMC+, Aura22, Ruby gem stone, Ruby Beads,

This is a stunning complicated necklace has the elegance and unique quality of no other as it is a one of a kind design.

In the hand is a single rose with a ruby in the center, on the thumb section of the palm is a small aura 22kt gold honey bee.

This one of a kind necklace is a perfect gift for a loved one.

Made out of 100% recycled FINE silver - not sterling - this will not tarnish unless it comes in contact with certain types of chemicals like bleach - which will turn it black!

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