Pink Opal Ring Size 7.75 Sterling Silver

Pink Opal Ring Size 7.75 Sterling Silver


Pink opal ring

Size 7.75

Sterling silver

This is a beautiful simple yet elegant Round Pink Opal ring made by me. It will make a lovely gift, and will be packaged in a lovely ring box.

Opal is the October Birthstone.

Opal is an uncommon gemstone with an equally uncommon beauty and a sadly common fragility--leading it to be recreated in the laboratory as a stronger composite that withstands the stresses the natural opal cannot. Therefore a ring is the perfect piece of jewelry for a synthetic opal.

Gem grade opal is extremely rare. Synthetic opals can be more brilliant and fiery. Simulated opals do not contain water like natural opals do--making them less vulnerable to changes in temperature, humidity and heat. Gemologists and industry experts agree, since no simulated man-made opal contains water, none of this material can legitimately be called "synthetic." Instead, the industry advocates calling all manufactured opal materials "man-made simulated." And it can take up to two years to make these.

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