Chandalier Earrings 14kt Gold Hoops Glass Beads

Chandalier Earrings 14kt Gold Hoops Glass Beads


These are incredible one of a kind earrings, that I hand crafted using my own hand made glass beads.

This pair has 14 handmade beads in a Green bead pattern, which will ensure that you will be able to wear them with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

The little glass beads are made by hand by me, by melting glass rods around a mandrill. They are properly annealed (cooled down to room temperature slowly so they don't crack) in a small kiln in my home studio.

The gold earrings are fabricated using wire, and assembled intricately by myself.

These 24 millimeter hoops are hollow so that they are very light weight and easy to wear. They are a large size, and make a great statement without the pain of wearing heavy earrings.

Every time I make a pair of these for someone I am always told that they get the most compliments, and they LOVE them.

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