Cobalt Calcite Druzy Sterling Silver Necklace

Cobalt Calcite Druzy Sterling Silver Necklace


This is a lovely Cobalt Calcite gemstone cabochon set in Sterling Silver. It has a really rich Bubble Gum pink color crystals. This is a very good quality AAA+ druzy with great clean, sugary crystal structure. This is a VERY RARE stone because it incorporates its NATURAL form of Cobalt Calcite mineral - and you will not see another one like it.

Cobalto Calcite is the mineral that is used to turn Glass Cobalt Blue. When cobalt calcite is crushed and turned into a powder, and then added to molten glass the glass will turn cobalt blue.

A highly sought after natural gem in the scientific industry, and the designer jewelry market.

size - 33mm x 18mm x 6mm
Shape - Oval
Necklace Length - 16"

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