Amethyst Promise Ring Sterling silver

Amethyst Promise Ring Sterling silver


Amethyst is a violet to purple quartz gemstone that is often found in its crystal form. Its incredible beauty makes this an excellent stone for any occasion.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals you can find.

This stone comes from my personal collection and was acquired back in the 1980's from a family friend who has been dealing with high end stones for many years. I have made this gorgeous ring with a beautiful sterling silver setting that has two little hears holding the stone in the center.

Stone dimensions:
Weight - 0.580 Carats
size - 8.24mm x 4.06mm x 3.01mm
Hardness - 7.0 Mohs
Color - dark Purple
clarity - inclusions
inclusions - yes
Vintage - 1970's material
shape - Marquis

Amethyst crystals and stones can be very powerful, most stones are only focused on a single aspect. However the metaphysical properties of amethyst are focused on several different fields.

The first one is the use as a calming stone. It helps cope with stress by calming your mental state.

The easiest way to use it is to put it under your pillow before you go to sleep, where it will ward of sleeplessness and nightmares. Nothing helps more with reducing stress than a good night’s sleep.

The second amethyst meaning is protection, most notably protection from addiction. Even the name amethyst refers to this as you can find below under myths and legends.

Wearing it calms the mind and puts off the need to feed the addiction. It offers protection from poison and hostile spells as well.

The last meaning of amethyst is spiritual. Amethyst stones symbolize chastity, piety and trust. Amethyst became the gemstone of the Catholic Church and even today many bishops and cardinals wear it.

A large number of relics from the Middle Ages are lined with amethyst crystals, even though they were quite rare in those days.

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