Kabamby Ocean Jasper Cabochon Poppy Tear drop Handmade Green Yellow One of a Kind Coloring Dots Madagascar

Kabamby Ocean Jasper Cabochon Poppy Tear drop Handmade Green Yellow One of a Kind Coloring Dots Madagascar


This is a lovely kabamby Cabochon and has a beautiful polish

This can be used in Wire wrapping, prong setting, stringing, or bezel setting.

Size - 40mm 13mm x 5mm
weight - 16.090 Carats
shape - tear drop
origin - Madagascar

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This stone is found in only one place in the world, a site along the northwest coast of the African island Madagascar. The location which holds the Madagascar ocean jasper can only be reached by boat when the tide is low. Ocean jasper is a variety of orbicular jasper, a type of jasper named for the spherical shapes that pattern the stone. Various forms of orbicular jasper can be found in many areas around the world, including the United States. However, the ocean jasper of Madagascar is unique due to the beautiful colors and markings it possesses.

Another aspect of ocean jasper that lends to its mysterious aura is the story of how it was found, or perhaps "found again" would be the more accurate phrase. Stories about the stone have existed since the early 1900s, and a few mineral collectors have passed and traded the ocean jasper since that time. However, all that was known about the stone until recently was that it came from someplace in Madagascar and that the original site of the quarry had been lost.

Ocean jasper made its reappearance to the world in 2000 the story behind its rediscovery is really interesting. After 45 days of tirelessly searching along the Madagascar coast, an exploration group from the mining company Madagascar Minerals located the ocean jasper deposit. It turns out that the reason the site was lost for so long is that is only visible at low tide. Even today, the location can only be reached by boat at low tide and miners have to plan their trips carefully.

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