Saw Blade Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver.

Saw Blade Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver.

Changing the way humans wear jewelry

The Toolbox collection of Unisex jewelry by Sachs Design Inc. has been well received and has awarded artist Lisajoy Sachs many opportunities to exhibit her wares at many local craft markets, including the American Craft Council Show, Wholesale and Retail, and the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

Her newest Collection is based on the power of the tool. A tool can

be an extraordinary thing. The use of tools has been known to

human kind for over 2 million years. Historically tools were used in

daily activities for survival. Today most tools have significant value

as instruments, utensils, implements, machines, and devices. Tools

are imperative in the use of constructing and making things.

With Lisajoy’s vast knowledge of tools, she has designed a beautiful line of unisex jewelry based on icons of specific tools that are used in modern day construction. Her use of fine metals in combination with hard, masculine surfaces makes her jewelry stand out and makes a strong statement.